market meandering

today we hung out with sahra from que sera sahra and she taught us a ton of cool stuff about blogging. she has a really awesome blog that you should totally check out (see the link above). she started her blog about six years ago and it has really taken off since then. she is a super stylish person and we had a great time hanging out with and learning from her. thanks sahra!!


super cool alley we took some shots in

_MG_3972     _MG_3988


hehe, julia’s really afraid of bees -e

eastern market

IMG_0994          _MG_4023   IMG_1011 IMG_1004


on emma: the kimono style top i’m wearing was thrifted, my boots are from thailand, and i got my army green shorts from h&m (insert link)


and then there’s ice cream … and designing

during our fashion design camp we have been designing six piece lines based on pieces from magazines that we found inspiring.


julia’s line is called architecture and theses are pictures of her mood board and some  of her designs …

IMG_0847  IMG_0842  IMG_0843     IMG_0846   IMG_0849 and these are my designs and mood board from my line american bohoIMG_0836    IMG_0837     IMG_0840

… we also take ice cream breaks!!


feeling bookish







we were walking around capitol hill looking for great backdrops for our photos when we found capitol hill books. its exactly like the bookstores from the movies where there are just piles and piles of books. the aisles were very narrow and it was inspiring to take pictures there.




happy girls are the prettiest – audrey hepburn








emma’s outfit spoke exactly to her personal style. you can’t it tell in the photos but her top has beautiful lace detailing that goes down the front. the pattern on the shirt works really well with her choice of shorts because it lets her top be the vocal point of an outfit, we all know how easy it is to make an outfit ridiculous and overdone (something i am a victim of many times).


i think julia’s style is very classic, but there’s a reason that a navy shirt and white lace skirt are classics — because they work. its a timeless look and its beautiful on her. anyone can wear navy and white but not everyone can make it look good. its a girly look that she pulls off really well.


on julia:

i picked up my amazing lace skirt from h&m, my sparkle shoes from DSW and my navy tank top from justice

on emma:

my blouse was thrifted, my shorts are from h&m, and my lace sandals are toms



shoot, don’t shoot


hi guys,

yesterday we also went to the garfield skate park and took some cool photos. the entire place was covered with amazing graffiti art, we had a blast taking the photos and we hope that you enjoy them. 🙂




this skatepark always scared me when i was little, but shooting in it and climbing on all the skate ramps was soooo fun. the graffiti was a great backdrop for our little photoshoot.

– e


this picture is probably my favorite, i love how you get a entire view of the whole park, and the roof of the train tracks. – j


on julia:

the christmas top and black sandals were thrifted and you can get the high waisted shorts from h&m get here

on emma:

picked up this blouse from who knows where, my shorts are from abercrombie similar here  , and my fabulous boots are a gift from my mother and her adventures in thailand.

studio trifles

it’s washington, it’s july, it’s hot, and we don’t want to go outside. fortunately, we have this 19th century school building to play in.








messing around with the lights in the blackbox theater



emma: i would say that my style is boho. i like fun prints, flowy dresses, distressed jeans, and BOOTS! this is basically what i would wear on a day to day basis… a blouse with embroidery or some fun print, jean or jean shorts and boots or sandals.

julia: i love clothes that are preppy with a touch of edge. in these photos i am wearing a christmas t-shirt, high waisted shorts and a long, drape-y, cream sweater. my shoes are just black sandals i got from who knows where.

IMG_0610 IMG_0605